About FA’IQ Jewels

FAIQ’s history spans out over two decades, steered by the quest of mastery, an obsession to detail and a fascination for elegance. 

Inaugurated in 1997, Managing Director, Mr Fazal Ellahi Oli Mohamed along with his wife, Madam Aisha Rahim Khan and 2 sons, Designer Director, Mr Mohamed Fadhil, and Manufacturing Director, Mohamed Hafiz established the company, located in Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur as its prime location. 

The zeal for designing and the desire to excel in producing quality jewellery for our esteemed clientele has led us to go beyond the horizons to explore each individual’s unique requirements and take a fresh approach in projecting their ideas to life.

Fa’iq Jewels consists of multi-talented and experienced craftsmen, who obtained their abilities through generations of technical education passed down while using state of the art technology in producing and catering to the most astute individuals from all over the globe. 

Trained by Gemmological Institution of America (GIA) in Diamonds & Gemstone Grading, we take great pride and effort in educating our quality orientated team, who undergo intensive jewellery designing and public relations training before they are acknowledged as qualified designers.  

Our foundation revolves around four pillars, Trust, Quality, Excellent Service and Value for Money. These four pillars are the guiding principles to our most important asset, You, Our Esteemed Customer. 

This is our motivation to meticulously undertake all our efforts in blending contemporary and state of the art technology with ancient Asian & European designs with traditional patterns. 

With our passion for bespoke fine jewellery, diamonds and gemstones, we have served a community of Kings and Queens, dignified ministers and cultural icons amongst others. 

Above all, we hope to pleasure you with a uniquely quintessential designing experience, giving you the capacity to be the author of your own jewellery. The magic is in our make, experience it.